Converge Challenge 2018 has now closed. The new programme will launch in March 2019.

Business Training

Shortlisted applicants will be invited to attend up to three days business and pitch training:.

  • Converge: three day training - June 2019 (Dates TBC)
  • KickStart: two days training - 14 & 15 January 2019
  • Social Enterprise: two days training – June 2019 (Dates TBC)

The usual format of the training, provided by our trainers from Neuehansa Ltd, is as follows:

Day 1

The first day’s training covers the personal and corporate issues you will face when starting a company. How will this affect you, personally; how much equity should founders receive; how do you ‘receive’ equity anyway? After lunch we break into two groups: explaining the spinout process to those who will license IP from the university whilst those who own their own IP and intend to do a start-up look at the challenges of market research and then building and managing a board of people to help you grow the business. (You can’t do it all by yourself).

Day 2

You will be split into two groups: one group will spend the morning doing pitch training and practice. The second group will delve into a winning Business Plan followed by hands-on instruction using a financial planning template; build your own detailed financial plan in 60 minutes. In the afternoon the two groups change and we repeat each session for the other group.

Day 3

This is an all-day session to help you build a winning business model and work out “how are you going to make money?” We also cover product positioning and price plans as well as winning, planning and managing customer meetings.


One member from each team MUST attend the full course and pitch event. 

Pitch Training

The pitch training will focus on presentation skills and how to prepare an elevator pitch. Topics will include consistent communication, presenting with confidence, audience engagement and how best to structure your presentation.

The Converge category shortlist, as part of the training, will deliver a 60-second elevator pitch to a high-profile audience in June 2019 (Date TBC). 

Next step - Business Plan Submission