Converge Challenge

Converge Challenge programme (positioned as a competition) is a company creation competition and training programme for new start up or early stage projects that are likely to incorporate within 12 months. The Top 30 receive 3 days of intensive support and training, including introductions to valuable contacts. The Top 10 get one years’ worth of bespoke training and coaching to build the sustainability of the companies, the prize is a mix of cash and in‐kind business development support. The first prize of £43,000 enables the winner to match fund a Scottish Enterprise SMART: Feasibility award.

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Competition for an early‐stage idea for a new product, or service. To support early stage ideas by providing enough funding to enable the project to create a prototype or to secure IP rights. The Top 30 projects receive two days of invaluable business support training and are expressly encouraged to apply to the main Converge Challenge the following year.  The winner is automatically eligible to be fast‐tracked to the following year's Converge Challenge Top 30.

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Social Enterprise

Launched in 2014 this is a competition for a business that focuses on social problems, strengthening communities, improving people’s life chances or protecting the environment as opposed to generating income for private individuals or bodies. The Top 30 projects receive two days of invaluable business support training.

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