Welcome to the first Converge Challenge Podcast series - Building Business from Academia. This is a show about ideas. It’s about ideas that are created by problems, from little personal niggles right up to worldwide issues. It’s about ideas which solve them, that come from research, from learning, or just from real personal experience.

It’s about how those ideas turn into action. Action that put that solution in the hands of real people. A solution that makes a difference to their lives.

That’s how businesses are created. From problem to solution, and a big idea on the way. This series is going to tell the story of four people from academia that took that journey. The story of how they came up with big ideas, and how they put them into action, creating a business for themselves.


I’m Colin Gray, and I'll be taking you through the story. I founded my own business in 2012, helping people to create podcasts, shows just like this, and I’ve always been fascinated by that entrepreneurial journey. So, my mission is to learn how our four solution makers did it - from their mistakes to their big wins. Everything they learned in starting up. Over the next four episodes, we’ll cover just that. They’ll show you how to follow in their footsteps, if you’ve got your own big idea.

Podcast Participants

Each podcast episode features four award-winning Converge Challenge alumni:

Episodes (1-4)

Click the below buttons to listen to each individual episode. We hope you enjoy our very first podcast series!

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