Big ideas and curious minds

We’ll kick things off with stories from individuals whose curious minds and innovative thinking led to significant discoveries and success. It’s a chance to see how big ideas come to life.

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The happiness factor: a different take on defining success

Susanne Mitschke, Founder and CEO, Citrus Labs
In this talk, Susanne delves into the intriguing contrast between different cultural perceptions of success and introduces ‘zebra’ startups, which symbolize a new paradigm in entrepreneurship. She invites us to redefine success in our modern world, highlighting the importance of personal contentment and societal engagement. It is a call to action for individuals and businesses alike to pursue a path where happiness and meaningful impact are the ultimate indicators of true success.


Cultivating sustainable futures through deep tech entrepreneurship

Alina de Santa Izabel, Deeptech ecosystem builder, entrepreneur and changemaker
Aline explores the journey from science to business through deep tech entrepreneurship, envisioning a world where collaborative change isn’t just a concept but a transformative reality. She highlights academia’s pivotal role in driving change with insights from a Nordic perspective.


The innovative force of nature

Caroline Barelle, Founder and CEO, Elasmogen
Caroline’s passion for life sciences started when she was young and has evolved into a career that has traversed academia, biotech and big pharma. A never-ending curiosity, driven by the desire to play a small role in the design and delivery of a new drug that helps patients. Her talk will take the listener on this journey, focusing on the moments that have driven her, the incredible people and technologies that have inspired her and the pivotal role that nature has played in sparking the idea for a new generation of therapeutic drugs


From underdog to ultrasound: finding success in unlikely places

Dave Hughes, Founder and CEO, Novosound

Creating a new industry from scratch isn’t easy, especially when you are the underdog.  In this talk, Dave explores finding innovative ultrasound technology solutions to some of humanity’s most pressing problems, translating big ideas to big impact – globally.

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Resilience and reinvention

Stuart Cassells, creator of the Red Hot Chilli Pipers and general manager, the Macallan Estate

From finding international fame as the world’s most famous bagpiper to being forced to reimagine his life and career due to a medical condition, Stuart takes us on a journey sharing the resilience necessary to overcome adversity and the reinvention needed to rise again and again.