Future Forecast

Prepare for a series of engaging presentations on the future of important fields like AI, environmental sustainability, data science, and health. Experts will share their insights on what’s next, offering a glimpse into the exciting developments on the horizon.


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Emerging trends in AI: the good, the bad and the ugly

Eyad’s bold and exciting talk guides his audience through the current AI landscape, highlighting emerging trends and the advantages of adopting AI in our societies. He will address concerning challenges and provoke thought on the urgent necessity for societies to maintain or rethink our current trajectory on artificial intelligence. 

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Healthtech and humans: empowering wellness and wellbeing

We have developed many devices and technologies to support individuals to monitor their health. However, where do we go to stop people becoming sick in the first place and how do we empower people to take care of their own wellness and wellbeing? Trish explores the answers to some of these challenging questions. 

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Exascale supercomputing is coming to Scotland

Mark explores the new generation of Exascale supercomputers and looks at how these massive data processors can tackle some of our biggest scientific and industrial challenges.

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