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Bellrock Technology

Adam Brown
University of Strathclyde

Converge Challenge 2011 Winner

Bellrock Technology helps other companies better use data to their benefit – whether that helps them operate faster, better, or with more informed decisions.

Its founders, Adam Brown, Stephen McArthur and Gordon Short, first developed the concept – using AI to accelerate large corporations’ digital transformation efforts – 12 years ago, with the company being founded four years later. It has been a long and varied journey taking the firm from three to 20 people, but Adam says the vision has remained steadfast.

As a spin-out company, Bellrock Technology has a unique offering, which has often been ahead of the market and tough to sell to large corporations.

This has meant significant efforts to educate both new and prospective customers about the challenges they will face in using data science operationally and at scale.

With its credibility now established and a growing prospect base across multiple industry sectors, Adam feels the company is truly on the march.

It will scale and grow as a product-led company, and – as the product, Lumen®, becomes increasingly ‘selfservice’ for users – he will be freer to focus on its diversification strategy that tackles new markets, both here and overseas.