Current Health

Christopher McGhee, CEO of Current Health, won the 2014 KickStart prize for his AI-enabled wearable which monitors patients remotely both in hospital and at home. 

A computer science graduate, Chris went onto medical school at the University of Dundee where he identified a key problem with the monitoring of patients. He noticed that some patients deteriorated because the warning signs were detected too late. This lightbulb moment led to the development of Current Health and Chris subsequently left medical school to focus on the company full-time.  

Worn on the upper arm, the device provides real-time data to healthcare providers enabling effective patient monitoring both in and out of the clinic. Demand for Current Health’s technology surged during the global Covid-19 pandemic with the company notching up an impressive 3,000% jump in revenue and 400% expansion of its customer base.

After raising £48m in funding over six rounds, from VCs based in both Scotland and overseas, the company was acquired by US retail giant Best Buy in October 2021 for $400million.

Chris is passionate about bringing together technology, patients, healthcare professionals and new models of delivering healthcare globally to create a world where no one dies from a preventable death and where healthcare is proactive, not reactive.