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Converge Challenge

Own something. Own your idea. Own research and development. Own your market. Own the competition. Own your business plan. Own your network. Own sales opportunities, global networks and investment opportunities. Own the business. Own your future.

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Creative Challenge

Create something. Create new. Create different. Create bold. Create better. Create ideas the like of which the world has never seen. Create a plan. Create manufacturing, distribution and marketing strategies. Create a global network. Create a business.

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Impact Challenge

Change something. Change inequality, poverty and society. Change communities. Change people one person at a time to create a better future. Change the environment. Change your life. Change from thinking to doing. Change your career. Change your skills. Change the world.

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KickStart Challenge

Start something. Start with an idea. Start with inspiration. Start with intuition. Start with excitement about the possibilities of what if. Start researching. Start developing. Start planning, thinking and making. Start again. Start refining. Start spending every waking moment thinking about your idea.

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