From Idea to Implementation

Welcome to the Converge Challenge Podcast, and thanks for coming back for our 2nd episode. This time around we’ll be digging into the next stage in the journey as our four entrepreneurs go from idea to implementation.

Early Lessons and Pitch Practice

You’ll remember, last time we talked about the catalyst – the real starting point – from that initial idea through to the first steps in making it real. Now, we’re going to see what they learned during that shift that might help you in making your own idea a reality.

Some of this focusses around one of the most exciting parts of the Converge process – It’s an event that brings together 30 converge finalists for 3 days of intense training where they learn as much as the training team can cram into their heads about starting, running and growing a business. Then, we move to pitch preparation. Pitches are one of the most terrifying, and exhilarating, parts of growing a startup. What preparation can you make to be more successful in pitches, from competitions to investor meetings?

Where to Get More Help

I hope you get some starting points from the advice during the episode, but if you need more, you know where to go. Why not speak to the team about your idea today!

What’s Next?

We’ve got a lot more for you on the show, too, though. This time we looked into how to pitch your business – that was really focussed on customers or partners, but next time, our 4 entrepreneurs will be pitching to real live investors. And not just for 60 seconds this time, all with the aim of winning the converge prize. We’ll find out what they learned about making their business more attractive to investors, and what they did once they got the money.

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The show was created by for the Converge Challenge. Profuse thanks to our four Entrepreneurs who provided the advice and stories on this episode – you heard Adam Brown, Chris Leburn, Susanne Mitschke and Rebecca Pick. And the show was narrated by me, Colin Gray. Thanks again for listening, and we’ll see you on the next one.