The Future of Your Business

Welcome to the Converge Challenge Podcast. This time it’s all about the next steps.

In the last episode you heard how it felt to go through the final of a business competition, and what it meant to win for our four entrepreneurs. But after that win, what next?

Money & Advice: The Lifeblood of New Businesses

I want to find out what they did with the money, for example – that seems pretty important. But, just as important is the professional advice. You see, winners are matched up with accountants, legal teams and a lot more – what did our four heroes learn from that in the year following their win.

For that matter, what did they learn in general, when they took those next steps? Because now, of course, the competition is over – it’s time to actually get to work. Time to run that business. And that’s when the learning begins in earnest.

So, let’s learn from their experience – from the good ones, and the bad ones. Starting with that lifeblood of the business, cash. Whether you get it through a competition, through investment or through a loan – what does that first chunk of cash mean for a new business?

What are YOUR Next Steps?

For our four entrepreneurs, their aim is scale. It’s the holy grail, for many others too. That means attracting millions to your vision – of users, of revenue, of profit. And building that worldwide brand. A company that changes the world. That’s the crazy thing, we’ve actually seen that done in our lifetime, in far shorter than our lifetime, and by students in their dorm rooms. Anything’s possible. With the right idea.

If that’s your aim, then Converge is a brilliant first step. Explore the website to find out more about the competition and to speak to the team about your idea.

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The show was created by for the Converge Challenge. Many thanks to our four Entrepreneurs who provided the advice and stories on this episode – you heard Adam Brown, Chris Leburn, Susanne Mitschke and Rebecca Pick. And the show was narrated by me, Colin Gray. Thanks again for listening, and we’ll see you out there.