The Power of Ideas

Guided by the minds that shape tomorrow, we brought together business leaders, entrepreneurs and policy makers to discuss how research and ideas can blossom into tangible, transformative real-world applications for a better future.

Missed the event or want to catch up on demand? See below for conference highlights and speaker presentations.

Dr. Caroline Barelle

Dr. Caroline Barelle, CEO and Founder of biotech business, Elasmogen, shares the pivotal moments that have shaped her career, why she thinks diversity in research will drive the next big breakthroughs in drug discovery and the profound influence of nature on scientific innovation.

Dr. Dave Hughes

Dr. Dave Hughes, CEO and Founding Director of medical ultrasound technology company, novosound, charts the challenges and rewards of building a new industry from scratch from the position of underdog. Dave explores how innovative ultrasound technology can provide solutions to some of humanity’s most pressing problems, transforming big ideas into significant global impact.

Susanne Mitschke

CEO and Founder of Citruslabs, Susanne Mitschke, explores the meaning of success in today’s world and introduces the relatively new concept of ‘zebras’ i.e start-ups that strive for financial success alongside social responsibility. Encouraging a shift towards a more holistic definition of success, Susanne challenges conventional wisdom and inspires others to join the movement towards a more inclusive and impactful entrepreneurial journey.

Aline de Santa Izabel

Microbiologist, bioengineer, and food-tech entrepreneur, Aline de Santa Izabel, explores the journey from science to business through the lens of deep tech entrepreneurship, envisioning a world where collaborative change is not just a concept but a transformative reality.

Stuart Cassells

Stuart Cassells was one of Scotland’s most talented pipers and a founding member of the Red Hot Chilli Pipers when a devastating neurological condition forced him to give up playing. In this compelling talk, Stuart discusses resilience, adaptability and the power of reinvention.

Professor Eyad Elyan

Professor Eyad Elyan from the School of Computing at Robert Gordon University discusses AI and machine power, examining how people are currently utilising AI and the direction the market is likely to take in the coming years. He explores what the future might hold in the evolution of AI and whether AI will ever truly achieve a human-like approach to problem-solving.

Trish Connelly

Trish Connelly discusses the role of data and AI in health monitoring, advancements in wound healing and the potential of skin wearables, offering a comprehensive vision for a healthier future driven by innovation and empowerment.

Mark Parsons

Mark Parsons, Director of EPCC, the supercomputing centre at the University of Edinburgh, deep dives into the cutting-edge world of Exascale supercomputers. From informing public policy to accurately modelling disease, Mark explores how these colossal data processors are poised to tackle some of the most significant scientific and industrial challenges of our time.