Take a look at these short films to find out more about what some of our alumni have achieved after participating in the programme.

Crover – the world’s first subterranean drone

Dr Lorenzo Conti, founder of Crover, talks about his ground-breaking innovation and how taking part in Converge helped him along the way.

Kenoteq – revolutionising construction one brick at a time

Dr Sam Chapman, co-founder of Kenoteq, talks about his mission to make building more sustainable with bricks made from recycled materials, and how Converge has been instrumental in their success.

Novosound – advanced manufacturing of ultrasound sensors

Dr Dave Hughes describes how taking part in Converge – and winning the Converge Challenge in 2017 – has been fundamental to the success of his business.

Dxcover – pioneering a revolutionary way to detect cancers

Dr Holly Butler of Dxcover talks about her company’s diagnostic innovation and how Converge has been instrumental in taking the business forward.

Recoil Kneepads – an innovation inspired by family now shipping worldwide

Victoria Hamilton of Recoil Kneepads explains how she was inspired to develop her product after seeing her dad struggle with inferior knee protection, and how she couldn’t have built a business without help from Converge.

SolarisKit – bringing affordable, sustainable hot water to the global south

Dr Faisal Ghani, inventor of the world’s first flat-packable solar thermal collector talks about his inspiration and how winning the Converge Impact Challenge in 2019 was a major catalyst for his company’s momentum.