Carbogenics, a spin-out from the University of Edinburgh, turns difficult-to-recycle paper waste including disposable coffee cups into CreChar®, a proprietary carbon-rich, porous material that boosts green energy production. 

CreChar® has a wide range of applications including enhancing anaerobic digestion and removing odours and pollutants from wastewater.  It can also be used as a plant fertilizer, locking away carbon for hundreds of years and offering significant carbon savings.  

Co-founded by Lidia Krzynowek, the company won the top Converge Challenge prize in 2018 and has gone on to raise nearly £500,000 in an investment led by Techstart Ventures.  This recent funding is supporting the first phase of an ambitious growth plan which includes building a pilot production facility in Perthshire to enable the launch of CreChar on the anaerobic digestion market. 

Carbogenics’ vision is to become a leader in carbon upcycling and soil carbon sequestration for a circular economy future and a greener, cleaner world for everyone.