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Lissa Herron, Enterprise Manager, Converge
Lissa Herron, Enterprise Manager (East)
Richard Cormack Corrigan, Enterprise Executive, Converge
Richard Cormack Corrigan, Enterprise Executive (North East)
Morven Marlborough, Enterprise Executive, Converge
Maisie Keogh, Enterprise Executive (West)
Malik Sheik, Enterprise Executive, Converge
Sheik Malik, Enterprise Executive (West)

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Our Enterprise Team works in partnership with Scotland’s universities offering an expansive outreach programme that includes both online and in-person events, workshops and much more – coming to a campus near you!

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If you’re a university founder looking to master the essentials of starting a business, then our online workshop series is a must. Available as on-demand videos, we cover key topics including business models, start-up funding, intellectual property and routes to market.

Featured Case Studies

‘You just have to be willing to walk that path’ with Dr Anton Puzorjov

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Welcome to the Converge Challenge Podcast. This time it’s all about the next steps. In the last episode you heard…

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CEO and Founder of Citruslabs, Susanne Mitschke, explores the meaning of success in today’s world and introduces the relatively new…

Recoil Kneepads – an innovation inspired by family now shipping worldwide

Victoria Hamilton of Recoil Kneepads explains how she was inspired to develop her product after seeing her dad struggle with…


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