Are you considering entrepreneurship as a career option? Do you need support, guidance and training to make it happen?

To find out the essentials of starting a business, check out our upcoming workshop series below. Delivered by a range of experts and tailored specifically for university founders with innovative business propositions, the sessions will cover everything from IP and routes to market to start-up finance and understanding customers.

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Previous workshops

Start-up Funding

This workshop will provide emerging entrepreneurs with an overview of the various funding options available to start-up/spinout companies in Scotland. As well as analysing different funding routes, we will advise on which ones should be considered depending on your stage of business development. The session will also demystify some of the industry myths and jargon. […]

Business models and route to market

How will your business make money? How will your product or service reach your customers? In a post-COVID world, sustainable business models and routes to market are more important than ever. In this 1-hour interactive workshop, we will introduce you to various business models and help you decide the most appropriate route to market for […]

From idea to market: getting your business ready

Starting a business is about more than money. You will need a variety of resources at different stages of development. This 1-hour interactive workshop will cover the skills, people, infrastructure and funding requirements that you’ll need to consider as your project moves from idea to market. Using a real-life case study, you will follow a […]

Understanding your market and customers

You may have heard that 90% of new businesses fail, but what’s the story behind this scary statistic? Most of these failures are linked to a poor understanding of customer needs and target markets. This 1-hour interactive workshop will teach you the first steps of interacting with your potential customers and using their feedback to […]

Understanding intellectual property

Intellectual property is an essential part of innovative new businesses and can be one of their main assets. But what do we mean by innovation and intellectual property, and how can a young business best exploit the intellectual property at its disposal? This 1-hour interactive workshop will cover:  • Why is innovation important? • What is […]

How to succeed as a female founder

Only one in five of Scotland’s entrepreneurs are women, while start-ups led by female founders receive only two percent of overall investment capital. These stark reminders of the gender imbalance in the entrepreneurial landscape, highlighted in the recently-published “Pathways” report by Ana Stewart and Mark Logan, provoke deep and searching questions about why this is […]

Choosing your legal structure

The legal structure you choose for your business has a profound impact on company ownership, your ability to raise funding and investment, and your long-term exit strategy. How do you decide which is most appropriate to achieve your goals and drive the impact you aspire to? Colin McMillan from Firstport guides you through what the […]

Conversations for the Curious: “But what if I succeed?”

In our previous edition of “Conversations for the Curious” we examined the fear of failure and why that often holds female would-be entrepreneurs back, in a way that isn’t so common in their male counterparts. In this “Conversation”, we examine how fear of success can also be a barrier. “If my business succeeds, I might […]

Conversations for the Curious: “But what if I fail?”

Fear of failure is often cited as a barrier for women thinking about starting their own business.  And while more women than ever are becoming entrepreneurs, research suggests that if women started up and scaled new businesses at the same rate as men, then up to £250bn of new value could be added to the UK […]

Creative Communications

Does the thought of communicating your idea fill you with dread? Have no fear, this essential skill is one that can be mastered and, if you have a background in the performing arts, you already understand how to connect with your audience. Find out how to communicate your business idea clearly and credibly at this […]

What Investors REALLY want to hear from your Pitch

Are you a founder, director or manager considering raising investment? Do you need strategic, practical advice? Would you like to take your pitch from good to great? If the answer is yes, then join Converge and investment expert, Finlay Kerr from Frejz/invest for an informative session on investor readiness. This lively, interactive session will cover: Equity investment and […]

Creativity and Impact

If you want to create social or environmental impact through your creative practice, this one’s for you. It’s a practical session which will walk you through how to think, act and create a socially impactful creative endeavour.  It will demystify some well-used terms and help you define your values, vision and impact.  You’ll hear about […]

Digital media for creatives

For creative businesses, social and digital media are essential ways of connecting with your audience, building your brand and awareness of your creative practice. This workshop will help you define a digital strategy, knowing what platforms to focus on and why.  We’ll examine the role of your website, ecommerce sites such as Etsy, email campaigns, […]