Novosound, the first spin-out company to emerge from the University of the West of Scotland, has created a groundbreaking technique for the mass-production of printable ultrasound lasers.

Located near Glasgow the company utilises its in-house design and manufacturing capabilities to engineer a thin-film core material that is flexible, temperature resistant, lightweight, low profile, compact, and capable of producing high resolution images.

Current products have a broad range of applications, including non-destructive testing and monitoring in industry, medical imaging and wearables. In the Covid-19 pandemic, Novosound has also developed a lung ultrasound system for monitoring of acute respiratory failure.

Dave Hughes, Novosound – 2017 Converge Challenge Winner

Since launching in 2017, and with the backing of private equity investment, the company has grown into a global business employing over 30 staff.

To date Novosound has raised £7million in funding over five rounds with its latest investment of £3.3million enabling it to pursue ambitious expansion plans into global markets and new industries.

“Converge is the best thing I’ve done in my career. The PR it created allowed the business to grow very quickly by drawing in significant investment”