X-Genix is a drug discovery spinout from the University of St Andrews and the most recent winner of the Converge Challenge prize.

X-Genix’s platform technology enables precision molecular editing to accelerate drug discovery, giving access to chemical space that is otherwise hard to reach directly. 

Molecular X-factor directly controls bioactivity, bioavailability and molecule building. It provides a molecular “clip,” (akin to Lego buttons), used for complex molecular assembly. Though this X-factor is used in over 90% of all small molecule pharmaceuticals, until now there was no technology enabling its precise addition.

X-Genix is in the process of selecting three multimillion drug discovery partnerships, whilst focussing its own technology in-house on the creation of its own pharmaceutical assets. X-Genix is exploring investment deals to enable growth with plans to open its first investment round in the next few months. The X-Genix team is diverse in all senses; bringing together deep expertise from pharma and know-how in drug:target modelling and design, medicinal chemistry, enzymology and synthesis.